Are you an entry-level real estate investor?   Or maybe you just want to be one, but you can't
    see how you could be - after all, you're just running from pay cheque to pay cheque hoping
    to get ahead.  Maybe you've just read a few investment books and caught the bug; now you
    want to buy your first little rental duplex.  That's how it was for us.   And we wanted to make
    a change:  we wanted financial freedom.

    Maybe you may feel that your future is destined to bill payments and maxing out credit
    cards. Maybe you've thought about putting a second mortgage on your home to buy
    property, but you were just too scared.   Perhaps you've heard about what you can do, but
    you don't know exactly how to do it.  

    Does it seem like you have no plan for your future?  Or maybe your 'stable job' has just
    given you the boot?  That's how it was for us.  And we wanted to make a change.    So we
    did.   WE TOOK ACTION!

    The members of our group took action to change their financial futures.  Today, just a few
    short  years later, things have changed dramatically for each member of our group.  

    Things could be like that for you too.  Just like we did, you too, can get out of 'waiting for your
    pay cheque' cycle.  If you are ready to do that and need a little bit of startup help: give us a
    call, go to a cash flow club, attend an investment group, read the business sections of the
    paper, get your finances under control, start a small side business, or take any one of the
    options just around the corner waiting for you to change your life.   The one single thing you
    must do to start is: take action.    
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    Canadian Financial Freedom
      Primarily through Real Estate Investment
    "Take the road to financial freedom....even in this recession!"

Meetings are held
every second week
Tuesday evening
(7:30) at Weston
Road & 401.

Make Your Way
to Financial Freedom
One Weekend at a Time
by Paola Breda

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